Bull's Inn has varying accommodation options to suit one and all.

Double Story 

This is a six-bedroom double-storey house. It has a large kitchen with 3 toilet/shower/bath and a lounge that leads onto a balcony with a lovely sea view.

Main House - Outside Entrance

These are single ensuites (Toilet / Shower) the doors have an outside entrance

Main House - Inside

These two bedrooms lead off from the main house lounge in a passage. Toilet / Shower - Sharing

Fisherman's Corner

This is a little unit tucked away between the Main House and the Double Storey. The fishermen love this little corner. It consists of an open plan dining/kitchen with two dormitory rooms and ensuite toilet shower

The Loft

This is our little gem!! Very sought after. It consists of 5 bedrooms which lead off onto a balcony with a sea view. It has a kitchen. Room 1 and 2 automatically come with the kitchen whereas room 3, 4, and 5 get booked separately

Please contact us for rates and availability

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